Assert and document achievement in any one of the areas below:
A baccalaureate or graduate degree in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Financial Planning/Services, and Law (JD) with specific concentration in the areas of Taxation and/or Estate Planning; or  Hold one of the following professional designation: AAMS, CFA, CFP, ChFC, CLU, LUTCF, CPA, EA, RFC; or

Assert and document a Series 65 securities license or one of the following combinations:
Series 6 and 63
Series 7 and 63
Series 6 and 66
Series 7 and 66

Life Insurance License

(Education requirement can also be met by completing the entire course requirements for one of the designations listed above.) 

Evidence of Licensing

Provide evidence of having met local licensing requirements (securities, life and health insurance); or an applicant who is a fee-only consultant and is not licensed must submit information on the applicant’s RIA or ARIA affiliation or business conduct procedures. 

This will be verified using FINRA, SEC, and/or state licensing websites whenever possible.  If the IARFC is not able to verify the information, the Candidate will be asked to submit evidence of licensure.

Business Integrity

Assert and document a sound record of business integrity with no suspension or revocation of any professional licenses. 


Complete the Application in its entirety, including acceptable responses to the Ethics Certification and Attestation, Privacy Policy opt in/opt out questions, the Certification of Accuracy, and the Agreement and Release Authorization, attesting to the truth of the assertions regarding professional experience and education, and commitment to abide by the IARFC Code of Ethics.  Application must be accompanied by application fee of $100. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


Submit the required examination fee . 

Pass Exam

Successfully pass the MRFC examination with a score of 67% or better.

Take the Next Step

An MRFC candidate demonstrates a given standard of expertise by passing an assessment that is based on a core set of knowledge, skills and abilities that represent competency in the field.

Qualifications to be considered for candidacy in the MRFC program:



Assert and document completion of a minimum of four (4) years of professional experience as a fulltime practitioner in the field of financial services. Financial services can include investment planning/securities, insurance planning, retirement planning, tax preparation, and estate planning. 

Experience will be verified by checking state licensing and/or FINRA licensing history when applicable. Candidates’ whose experience is not able to be verified in this manner will be asked to provide a detailed resume or CV, in addition to contact information for their Supervisor or HR personnel. The IARFC will contact the Supervisor or HR personnel to verify the years of experience. Letters of recommendation verifying the experience may be submitted instead of contact information for Supervisor or HR personnel.

Qualify for the MRFC