Why are we seeking accreditation

Why is the IARFC seeking accreditation for the MRFC?  Why now, when the IARFC has served the financial industry for over 30 years, after having weathered the storm for so long?

The answer is that the membership is the driving force behind the decision to seek third party accreditation.  Several years ago, compliance departments started cracking down on what designations they permitted their reps to use.  The number one argument from compliance people as to why the RFC® designation was no longer permitted was “This is not an accredited designation”.  

About third party accreditation

The accreditation process means that we have had to open the Association to third party scrutiny.  Every policy and procedure must be documented, examined, and as needed, amended.  The IARFC will be held accountable to a third party (NCCA).  It can be very daunting to have someone come in and tell you how you could do things better.   In the end though, each piece is essential so that we can raise the IARFC to the next level of professionalism.

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