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Examination Fee:



MRFC Fee Schedule

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Cancellation Policy: 

All exams must be rescheduled or canceled with a 24 hour notice to Comira prior to appointment.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiting exam fee.

No-Show, Late Arrival and Late Cancellation Fees:

Cancellation/changes must be made and confirmed by direct contact with Comira.  Leaving a message on a voicemail is not sufficient to confirm cancellation/change. 

Candidates who fail to appear for a scheduled Exam, presents himself/herself more than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start time for taking the exam and is refused admission to the Exam, or who changes or cancels an Exam after the applicable Exam Cancellation/change deadline will forfeit exam fees.

Exam Retake Policy: 

If a candidate fails the MRFC exam they must wait two weeks before rescheduling the exam.  Retake fee: $300.

Reapplication Fee:

If the candidate does not complete the MRFC Exam within 90 days, the candidate will have to reapply with an updated application.  Reapplication fee: $100

Reinstatement Fee:

Those candidates who previously were IARFC members and are reapplying will have a $100 reinstatement fee in addition to the application fee.